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The greatest in the kingdom is the servant.

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Westboro baptist a message of hate instead of acceptance.
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Providence the South Korean cult another wolf in sheeps clothing.
The Cult of Providence: Unmasking the Sex Offender and His Manipulative WebIn the realm of cults and...
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Siberian impersonator and a man claiming to be God.
The Siberian Impersonator of Jesus: Unraveling the Mystical CharadeIn the remote corners of Siberia,...
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who is Muhammad and why do so many people follow his teaching.
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Homeless man who wrote the words "ETERNITY" all around Sydney after an encounter with God.
On August 6, 1930, Arthur Stace found God. Eternity took on new meaning for Arthur –
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Bill Wilson abandoned child to childrens pastor
“You wait here” is a typical instruction given by parents to countless children every day,...
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Cat stevens in his trouble went the wrong way
The realm of music has gifted us with exceptional artists, and Cat Stevens is undeniably one of them....
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David Koresh a man who lost his way and said He was God.
But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you,...
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Bob Dylan the musician who had an encounter with God one day.
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John Newton the slave trader who met God and changed.
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Tours to Israel in the future.

Renember to pray for the peace of Jerusalem
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